Please note that event registration is now closed for 2018, thank you!

What is GCBW?

The 5th installment of Greenville Craft Beer Week is 48 events, over eight days (April 14-21, 2018) taking place all over the Greenville area. As a participant, you can attend any event, which will be posted to the GCBW website as soon as it registers and is approved. The events will be venue specific, so please pay attention to whether they are free to attend, ticketed, pay-as-you-go, or other. Individual venues will be promoting the events, as well as GCBW. But any ticketed events will be done through someone other than GCBW.

What is the focus of this year’s GCBW?

The focus of GCBW has always been to promote the local craft beer scene in Greenville while also educating about the many benefits that craft beer brings to the Upstate. Due to the explosion of the scene across town, there are many amazing venues to have a great experience.

Is there a limit on the number of sponsors?

Yes. This year we aren’t doing tiered sponsorships. Instead, only individual events may register. No one may register more than three (3) events per venue.

Is there a limit on the number of events for the week?

Yes. We have eight (8) days of events, with a maximum of six (6) per day, for a total of forty-eight (48).

When is sponsorship payment due?

It is due immediately at registration. In fact, you can’t register without payment as that is what secures a spot on the calendar.

How do you sign up to sponsor an event?

We have a page for that! Go here to register for an event. Once you register and pay, the GCBW team will then review the proposal and contact you if there are any questions or concerns.

Any catch to sponsoring an event?

Not really. Sponsoring is open to anyone so long as the event will focus on independent craft beer, be hosted at a Greenville venue or venue near Greenville, and be something that you wouldn’t normally offer.

What to do if you’re from out-of-town and want to hold an event?

Welcome to Greenville! We’re glad to have you. So long as you can find a venue in town or nearby that will have you, then you’re in. Just keep in mind that you also have to meet the event requirements.

What kind of events is GCBW looking for?

For the 5th year of GCBW, we want sponsors to be creative. You just need to meet our event requirements. If you’re unsure of what to do, we’d say try something different than normal.

What if the day I want to hold my event already has six events registered?

Please contact us and we'll suggest an alternate arrangement.

What if you’re running a weeklong special?

Great! We’ll count it as one event.

What if you want to have other events at your venue during GCBW?

Please do! But only 48 events are official events for GCBW. You’re free to promote them as you would any event at your venue, we just ask that you follow the spirit of other GCBW events.

Does GCBW need volunteers?

Maybe! Events are venue specific, so check with them. We are always looking for those who might want to be involved with GCBW. So, just send us an email!